M2/M3 Bradley Battle Pack Available to Order – with Bonus T-Shirt

805b M2M3 Bradley Battle Pack Cover

The M2/M3 Bradley is a tracked fighting vehicle designed to transport armored infantry at speeds matching the M1 Abrams tanks. The M2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle configuration has a crew of three and space for six infantry men, while the M3 version is designed as an armored cavelry vehicle with a crew of three, two scout troopers and space for additional ammunition. Both vehicles are armed with a powerful 25mm chain cannon, a 7.62mm coaxal machine gun, and twin TOW anti-tank rocket launchers. This model is based on the A3 upgrade package that includes reactive ERA armor and advance targeting and communications electronics.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

This is the first premium level model in Brickmania’s new line of modern AFV kits. It features six opening hatches, two opening cargo boxes, fully articulated tracks, rotating turret and posable armament. The interior is semi-detailed and includes accessible driver’s and troop compartments.

Battle Pack Edition Extras

We are offering a very limited Battle Pack edition that includes the following add-ons:

  • Five minifigs equipped with body armor, BrickArms Modern Combat Helmets and weapons.
  • Exclusive 22″ desert digital camo bandana with Brickmania print.
  • Exclusive sand colored medic bag emblazoned with an embroidered Brickmania logo patch.

4th of July Weekend Bonus

All orders for the M2/M3 Bradley Battle Pack placed on or before July 11th will receive a FREE Bradley T-shirt!

M2/M3 Bradley Alt View

Rear ramp opens to the troop compartment – also note opening cargo box. Battle pack includes a total of five “fleshy” minifigs with body armor and BrickArms helmets and weapons.

Wage Piece Bandana

Battle pack includes an exclusive 22″ desert colored digital camouflage bandana with a Brickmania print and is packed inside a sand-colored medic bag emblazoned with an embroidered Brickmania patch.

War and Pieces T-Shirt

Bonus T-shirt FREE with every M2/M3 Bradley Battle Pack ordered by July 11th. We would’t recommend waiting for the deadline, because it’s not been unknown for pre-ordered items to sell out BEFORE the deadline!


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7 thoughts on “M2/M3 Bradley Battle Pack Available to Order – with Bonus T-Shirt

    • Price is based strictly on parts cost. This is one of the largest AFV kit we’ve ever released in terms of number of parts, and tan is always more expensive than other colors.

  1. wow, really good detail. Do you think you might release the instructions by themselves. kind of pricey, and I like to modify it a little (power functions, different colors, etc,)

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