Landing Ship Tank On Display at Brickmania Toyworks

Landing Ship Tank

My Landing Ship Tank model was put on display at last weekend’s open house at the Brickmania Toyworks. I snapped a few pictures after the crowds had left to share on the web. The model is not yet 100% finished as I still have more railings to add and other small details. I plan to sue this as a means to display large quantities of vehicles at future events, but for now it is transporting my old LCT model on the deck.

The Landing Ship Tank was devised by the United States and Great Britain as a means to transport larger numbers of tanks and other equipment across oceans and deposit them directly on a hostile shore. My ship is modeled after and LST Type II, of which over 2000 were built during and shortly after World War II. This ship could transport up to 24 Sherman tanks (or larger numbers of small vehicles) plus 15o men across any ocean deposit them on shore through the uniquely designed bow ramp. The LST usually carried between 2 and 6 smaller LVCPs (Landing Craft Vehicle, Personnel) aka “Higgins Boats” to transport troops to the beach. They were also used to ferry other landing across the ocean and many left US ports with a LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) slung to the deck. These would be launched when they neared their final destination by selective flooding of the LST’s ballast tanks and tilting the ship to one side.

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