BrickArms Value Pack: A Brickmania Exclusive Edition!

BrickArms Value Pack Brickmania has been an official BrickArms reseller for three years and one question we are asked over and over again is, “Do you have a low-priced sample bag of all the different types of BrickArms?” In response we have assembled our own exclusive edition value pack that randomly includes 20 different BrickArms elements at a nice price. Our goal is to make each pack somewhat unique and are even drawing from our reserve stocks of out-of-production colors.  We can’t guarantee that each pack will contain some extroadordinary or rare item, but we do guarantee the retail value of each pack to be no less than $15 if purchased individually. This item is slated to be priced at $12, but we are offering it for the first week at only $10 per pack. ORDER HERE

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6 thoughts on “BrickArms Value Pack: A Brickmania Exclusive Edition!

    • Each one is slightly different if that’s what you’re asking. There are a few rare items mixed in the packs, but not every pack contains a rare item.

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