Brickmania Fan Poll #1: Which Armored Vehicle?

We’ve decided we’re going create a new kit this fall based on a fan favorite idea. For the first round of nominations we pulled 10 items from the “Future Brickmania Kits” discussion on the Brickmania Flickr Group. We’ll let this poll run for a few weeks and if there’s a clear winner Dan will create a kit of the winning vehicle. If there is no clear winner Dan will make several prototypes of the most popular and we’ll have a run-off vote to determine the winner. Check out the nominees and case your vote below

Kit Ideas

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11 thoughts on “Brickmania Fan Poll #1: Which Armored Vehicle?

  1. Honestly, I would LOVE a King tiger, but I would love for brickmania to take a stab at planes. I would kill for some lego spitfires, stukas, and maybe even a b-17 (too much?). Any way, king tiger defintely

  2. Also in addition I think that brickmania should start thinking about ww1 seeing that the 100th annaversary is coming up in 2014

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