BrickArms Mystery Pack Vol. 3: Now Shipping!

BrickArms Mystery Pack Vol. 3BrickArms Mystery Pack Vol.3 is finally now available! Inside you will find…

  • 1 x Cobalt colored weapon
  • 1 x Chrome weapon
  • 1 x Glow in the Dark (GITD) weapon
  • 1 x MAAWS rocket launcher (crazy colors)
  • 3 x MAAWS Shell (crazy colors)
  • 1 x MAAWS Frag Warhead (crazy colors)
  • 1 x MAAWS Kinnetic Warhead (crazy colors)
  • 1 x MAAWS HEAT Warhead (crazy colors)
  • 1 x Crazy metallic or trans red weapon
  • 1 x Modern Combat Helmet (crazy colors)
  • 1 x Cammo weapon
  • 1 x Army Green weapon
1 pack in 15 contains a 24 kt gold plated weapon.
You can guarantee a gold plated weapon by ordering a sealed case of 15 packs. Each case is also autographed by BrickArms founder Will Chapman!


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