Brickmania Mini-Kits Now For Sale and Availability Information

BKM 2003 Flak 38 Cover

FlaK 38 ($15)

After many months of our smaller kits being conspicuously unavailable, Brickmania is bringing them back with a vengeance!

The recent promotional  mini-kits have been incredibly popular, but the cost of obtaining them was out of reach of most of our customers. Your comments on the web, email, and phone  have been overwhelmingly in favor of making them available for sale, and those we brought to BrickCon sold out instantly. You guys spoke loud and clear and we’re listening.

BKM2004 M1927 Cover

M1927 ($12)

The reason we stopped selling our smaller kits  was because it was difficult to obtain enough parts to keep them in production over the long term. The only way we can avoid this problem is to make a greater variety of kits and keep them in production for shorter periods of time.   The kits that are for sale will also be limited to just two of any single mini kits per person per order (you can make an order for all of the kits, but for example you just can’t order more than two Nebelwerfers at a time). We’re also going to discontinue the free mini-kit promotion in order to make these kits available to a maximum number of people (the current Nebelwerfer 41 promotion will be honored through midnight on Saturday).

BKM2006 Nebelwerfer Cover

Nebelwerfer ($18)

The greater variety, smaller numbers practice will also be extended to our general kit production as well. This will have the positive affect of allowing us to make a larger variety of kits available over the course of the year and help lower prices. We buy all of our LEGO bricks from resellers whose prices are based on the open market.  The more we make of any single kit, the greater the demand is for the parts, and this in turn drives up the  prices. By offering a wider variety of kits we can better avoid using rare parts that have driving up our cost in the past. The only downside for the customer is that each kit will be offered for a shorter amount of time.

Mini HMMWV ($6)

There’s a lot of other exciting new developments coming down the pipeline for Brickmania in terms of new themes and new products. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve been receiving and its definitely a guiding factor as we strive to improve the Brickmania experience any way we can. Keep watching this space for important new release information and thank you for your continued support!

– Dan Siskind (founder of Brickmania)

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