Last Chance for Six Rare / Discontinued Brickmania Kits

We’ve delved into the darkest recesses of the Brickmania warehouse and assembled a stack of what we believe to be the “last of their” kind Brickmania kits. This means we have 1 or 2 of the following kits available on a first-come, first served basis. All of them are also 15% off the list price when you use coupon code VETSDAY2012 during checkout (thru November 12). This is for sure the last opportunity to buy any of these kits from Brickmania, because they have all been discontinued, and prices will certainly be higher on the after market.

BKM216g PanzerIV Ausf F2 CoverPanzer IV Ausf F2
Released: September 29, 2010
Pieces: 720 (initial runs have 681)
Minifigs: 1
Status: Retired
Total Run: 500 kits Total

M4A3 ShermanM4A3(76)w VVSS Sherman
Released: October 29, 2009
Pieces: 823
Minifigs: 4 or 5
Status: Limited Re-Issue!
Total Run: 45 kits

WespeSdKfz 124 Wespe 10.5cm Self-Propelled Gun
Released: July 3, 2010
Pieces: 342
Minifigs: 1
Status: Retired
Total Run: 440 Kits

M18 HellcatM18 Hellcat
Released: January 6, 2011
Pieces: 448
Minifigs: 2
Status: Retired
Total Run: 360 kits total

M4A4 Sherman Gun TankM4A4 Sherman Gun Tank
Released: August 17, 2011
Pieces: 770
Minifigs: 1
Status: Retired
Total Run: 80 kits total

Also there are only about a dozen of the M8 “Greyhound” Scout Cars left and these will not be made again once the current inventory is sold out:

M8 Light Armored Car
Released: July 3, 2010
Pieces: 351
Minifigs: 4
Status: In Production
Total Run: 220 Kits (as of March 2012)

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