New Batches of Barbarossa 41 Mini Kits Abailable

the initial batches sold out in record time and we’re pleased to announce new batches of the following are now ready:

BKM 2001b PaK 36

PaK 36 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun
The standard anti-tank weapon used by the German Army at the beginning of World War II. It’s low profile and high velocity armor-piercing shell made this the ideal weapon for knocking out just about anything on the battle field at that time. Developments in Soviet armor would make this gun obsolute within the first year of the war in Russia.

BKM2004b M1927

M1927 76mm Regimental Gun (Early Production)
The M1927 was used by nearly every Soviet infantry and cavalry regiment before and during World War II. Significant design changes to the carriage we implemented during a program to replace guns lost early in the war, giving the gun a new designation of M1943. Captured guns M1927s were also widely used German and Finnish armies. We are introducing a second version of this kit with the original production spoked wheels, which by far represents the most prototypical example of the M1927.

BKM 2003 Flak 38 Cover

Flak 38 2cm Automatic Cannon
The FlaK 38 was 2cm automatic cannon used by German anti-aircraft units througout World War II. While designed for anti-aircraft use, its high rate of fire proved deadly against enemy infantry and thin-skinned vehicles.  The FlaK 38 made prominant appearances in the movies Saving Private Ryan and Red Tails.

BKM2006 Nebelwerfer Cover

Nebelwerferfer 41 Rocket Launcher
A 1/35 scale model of the Nebelwerfer 41 German mobile rocket launcher (aka “Screaming Mimi” to Allied troops). This Brickmania custom kit contains 59 new-condition lego bricks plus full color building instructions.

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