New Brickmania Heavy Mortar with hand-injected BrickArms Shell

Brickmania Heavy Mortar

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The mortar has been an essential piece of artillery eqipment since humans have built machines to lob projectiles at builings, fortifications and—of course—other humans. As warfar has become more fluid and mobile, the need for squad-portable mobile artillery increased dramatically. In the early 20th century this technology evolved into what we commonly know as the modern mortar. This generally consists of a small rocket-propelled explosive projectile, a launch tube, support base, and aiming bipod. Ammunition generall range in size from 2 inches in diameter upwards to 5 inches. The mortar weapon is set up with the tube resting at an angle between 45 and 80 degrees  and the projectile is launched with a high arcing tragectory and can be fired at targets outside direct line of sight.

Brickmania is pleased to offer this Mortar kit made from LEGO bricks and a rare BrickArms hand-injected “proto” mortar shell projectile. With the basic mortar components being of similar design around the world, the Brickmania Heavy Mortar can stand in for just about any larger mortar systems of all nationalities used in World War II and later. The initital batch of mortars are being offered with your choice of a black or OD green projectile.  Since these shells are currently only being hand made in small batches, we are only able to offer the Heavy Mortar in limited quantities.

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