Emergency Batches Black-Ops FSV and CCKW with M2A1 Announced

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to set aside some new releases in order to make additional batches of the CCKW / M2A1 Battle Pack and Black-Ops FSV kits. We are estimating a shipping date of December 14th for both kits, but this will only be reached if there are no significant snags. If you purchase this item before December 14th you will be guaranteed to have your kit shipped as soon as they are completed (this could be before december 14th, but it could also be later, depending on the arrival of parts deliveries). We will allow people to cancel their pr-order at any time before the kit ships, but we will not hold your place in queue without payment in advance. These emergency batches are limited to just 50 of each kit. There may or may not be additional batches after the holidays. Click either image to order.

Shipping info: these kits should be delivered before Christmas to any destination in the continental USA using the standard shipping method. These will probably not make it to international destinations before the December 25th.

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