New WWII German Army Minifigs, US Medic Helmet & More

German Minifig Dark Gray

For the past two years, Citizen Brick has earned a reputation for producing the finest quality custom printed minifigs and accessories. They use only toy-safe inks, and the same printing techniques used by the LEGO Company, for impressions that are sharp and won’t rub off or scratch. Citizen Brick have previously supplied us with printed helmets and we have been very pleased with the quality of the work. We are now continuing our collaboration by including additional Citizen Brick’s printed parts in upcoming minifigures and kits. Our first new addition include a new Germany infantry soldier, available in both dark and light gray. The figures come as shown in the images and are sold individually. (click either image to order)

German Infantry


BrickArms M1 with Red Cross Print

We have restocked the BrickArms M1 Pot Helmet with a medic’s red cross, also printed  by Citizen Brick. The last batch sold out almost immediately and we were only able to obtain a limited restock. Delay ordering at your own peril!

Brickmania Modern Combat SoldierAnd finally, we have assembled a small batch of our light gray Modern Combat Soldiers. These include a LEGO tactical vest and BrickArms Modern Combat Helmet. The Modern Combat Soldiers are shipped in random flesh tones and gender. They do not include personal weapons. This will probably be the last batch of Modern Combat soldiers available this year.

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