BrickFair Alabama 2013 Trip Report and Photo Gallery

BrickFair, AL 2013

We just returned from an eventful trip down to Birmingham, AL for BrickFair, AL 2013 last weekend. Birmingham is about a 16 hour drive from Minneapolis, but we found ourselves stuck for 7 hours in a weather-related traffic jam less than 75 miles from our destination.  In addition to our store, we brought four displays to BFAL: The Vietnam War Diorama, Landing Ship Tank, Bates Motel, and Highland Keep. On Friday we made a day trip down to Mobile for a visit to the USS Alabama memorial. We spent all afternoon exploring the ship and ran out of time to see the rest of the displays.

USS Alabama


Saturday and Sunday were the public days at BFAL and they were extremely busy for us. There were a lot of people at BFAL we have previously met at other events, some we’ve previously only met online, and we made a lot of new friends as well.  While none of our models won any awards this year (there was a lot of GOOD stuff on display), they was countless pictures taken and lots of interest generated by our models. Attendance was way up over the previous BFAL and we sold out of a lot of merchandise. On the way home visited the base museum at Fort Campbell, KY, home to the 101st Airborne Division. All in all it was a very good trip for Brickmania. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported is last weekend!

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