NEW ITEMS: Russian Infantry and BrickArms US Marines

RussianSoldier250WWII Russian Soldier

By popular request we are making additional troops available for immediate defense of Mother Russia. These hearty troops come equipped with a warm fur BrickArms Ushanka hat and a fabric cloak to ward of the bitter winds on the Russian steppes. We recommend outfitting your new Russian patriots with a BrickArms PPSH submachine gun, a TT-33 pistol, and a Combat Knife.

US MarineWWII US Marine (by BrickArms)

We have a few leftover BrickArms US Marines from our November releases. These are genuine BrickArms-printed US Marine torsos, with web gear, canteen and backpack imprinted on them. Includes a BrickArms M1 Steel Pot Helmet. We recommend arming your Marine with with a M1 Carbine (Full Stock), M1911 Pistol and a Combat Knife “K-Bar.”

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