COMING SOON: Brickmania to Begin Selling Roaglaan’s Custom Decals

Roaglaan's Custom Decals

Roaglaan has been designing and selling high-quality custom water-slide decals for LEGO minifigs for a few years. When he announced he was going to stop production this January, a major loss was felt throughout the minifig customizer community. Those particularly impacted by the announcement were those who relied on Roaglaan’s Customs for a low priced means for creating large scale minifig armies.

Brickmania is please to announce that we have reached an agreement with Roaglaan to keep his designs available to the public. Starting in February 2013, Brickmania will begin releasing “squad packs” of five complete decal sets, plus a limited number of decal sets for individual figures. We are currently working out the details of packaging and production, with the planned release for the first decal sets slated for the first week of February. Stay tuned for more details!

Roaglaan's Custom Decals

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