EVENT: Brickmania to Display at the Minneapolis Boat Show

Wakeboard Boat

One of three custom Wakeboard Boats kits for this year’s show.

We’ll be at the Minneapolis Boat Show this weekend (January 31-February 3) with a display of naval ships, watercraft and creatures from Bikini Bottom all built of LEGO bricks. We will also bring some loose bricks and have some tables set up to help provide a play break for the kids and families. The organizers have requested a special Wakeboard Boat kit, exclusive to the event, plus we will have a small selection of Brickmania and LEGO products from our store. If you’re planning a trip to the Boat Show, be sure to see us in Lobby E of the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Wave Jumper

A smaller kit that will also be available

Only 10 of each of the Wakeboard boats were made in the colors shown below. In the unlikely event we have any leftover kits, they will be put into the Brickmania web store.

Wakeboard Boat Wakerboard Boat

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