NEW RELEASE: Citizen Bricks US Marines Custom Printed Minifigs


We made a special order of the new Citizen Bricks WW2 US Marines Minifigs to coincide with our upcoming Pacific Theater kits. These figures are fully pad printed, and outfitted with a BrickArms M1 Carbine FS Rifle and BrickArms M1 Steel Pot helmet.

1000 Marines

This is what 1000 US Marines minifigs looks like!

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5 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE: Citizen Bricks US Marines Custom Printed Minifigs

    • Possibly. Print runs on complex jobs like these Marines (and helmets) is expensive to set up and run. When we have enough money to do the next batch I’ll add some extra helmets. For now we have just as many helmets as Marines.

  1. Cool marine, but I also liked the older version, and I’m not a fan of the flesh color, so can you release a yellow skinned variant. Other than that there awesome, just a bit too expensive. Perhaps a sale on all WW2 stuff on VE Day or VJ Day

    • No plans to release a flesh color. You can always change the heads and hands. Can’t really change the price either. Pad printing like Citizen Brick does is quite labor intensive, the equipment is extremely difficult to use, and the LEGO parts cost us the same as they do everyone else. If we could make ’em by the millions we could make ’em cheaper.

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