INVENTORY ALERT! Last Chance to Get These Brickmania Kits

When we say limited edition, we mean these things aren’t going to be around forever!  We’re down to last copies on a small number of Brickmania kits and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Here’s you last chance to get these Brickmania kits…

Gaudalcanal Armor PackM2A4 and Type 95: Guadalcanal Armor Pack 
Two tanks in one box! This special “armor pack” contains a US Marines M2A4 light tank and Japanese Type-95 “Ha-Go” light tank—fierce adversaries of the Guadalcanal fighting. This limited edition kit has two minifigure tank drivers, including a custom printed US Marine tanker from BrickArms.

BKM 808 M1A1 Abrams Tan CoverM1A1 Abrams (Tan and Dark Gray)
Brickmania’s first kit version of the famous Abrams main battle tank. This is the M1A1 version as participated with overwhelmingly positive results during Operation Desert Storm.  Somehow we have sold exactly the same quantity of each tan and dark gray versions, leaving just one left of each!

260 B Universal Carrier II Battle PackUniversal Carrier Battle Pack
Contains a complete Universal Carrier Mk2 kit, a 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun and two minifigs with custom British uniforms. Includes an metal / enamel Brickmania pin!

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