Brickman’s New Pub Crawler Shirt Just In Time for the Holiday

BKM Shirt

Just in time for the holiday, Brickmania presents a limited edition T-shirt for our world-wide pub crawling team. This chestnut brown shirt is the perfect color to hide those embarassing black and tan spills. But why celebrate only on March 17th, when you can be a member of the Brickmania Pub Crawling Team today!?

Is this an inappropriate item for the Brickmania store? We at Brickmania celebrate all Consitutional rights granted to US Citizens, including (but not limited to) the first (freedom of speech), second (right to bear arms), and 21st (right to consume alcohol).

Sorry, no youth sizes.

Team Six Pack

Brickmania’s 2012 championship pedal pub race team getting our game face on while exercising our 21st amendment rights.

Six Pack

Who said losers never get trophies?

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