FRESHLY RESTOCKED: M2A1 and M102 105mm Howitzers

M2A1 Kit

It’s been a bumper week for the artillery battalions this week, with fresh batches of both the World War II era M2A1 howitzer and Vietnam / Gulf War era M102 Howitzers rolling off the assembly lines.  The M2A1 still comes with a US Army Ranger from Citizen Bricks and BrickArms “proto” artillery shell.

M102 Howitzer

The M102 Howitzer features cool details like swivel base and wheels that can be lowered for travel or raised for firing. It’s perfectly sized for towing behind your Humvee or Deuce and a Half.


Here is an easy modification you can use to add a trailer hitch to your Brickmania M1025 HMMWV kit.

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