NEW RELEASE: Panzer II (Previously Available with Barbarossa 41 Pack)

Panzer II

Brickmania is pleased to announce a new kit containing the Panzer II kit, previously only available with the Barbarossa 41 Battle Pack (and sold out since December).

The Panzer II was a stop-gap tank design, rushed into production while the more advanced Panzer III and Panzer IVs were still under development. Armed with a 20mm cannon and MG34 machine gun, the Panzer proved to be a competant design and played a significant role in German campaigns early in the war, such as the invasions of Poland, France, and Soviet Union, as well as North Africa campaigns. It’s light armor and weapons would be no match for heavier Allied equipment introduced later in the war. The Panzer II chassis was also used for several self-proprelled guns, including the effective Mardar II tank destroyer.

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