NEW RELEASE: M113 APC and ACAV Battle Pack Kits

M113 APC

The M113 was devloped in the early 1960 as a replacement for a whole series of earlier armored personnel vehicles. The main improvement over earlier vehicles was the development of new aluminum armor, that protect the vehicle’s occupants from small arms fire, while keeping the vehicle’s weight low enough to allow for air transport. The M113’s crew consists of a driver, seated in the front left side of the vehicle, and a vehcile commander, who occupied a central position. The M113 could carry up to 11 passengers and their equipment. The M113 was has been configured to a multitude of roles and remains the most common armored vehicle in use by US Army forces to this day.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

Features of this model:

  • Fully articulated tank tracks
  • Four opening hatches and opening tailgate
  • Adustable seats for commander and passenger
  • Easy opening roof detaches for interior access
  • Room inside for 10 minifigs and weapons
  • 1/35 scale matches other Brickmania models
  • The over-all color scheme of this model is dark gray


Armored Cavelry Assault Vehicle Battle Pack:

During the Vietnam War, the US army deployed specially equipped M113s as a part of their mechanized Armored Cavalry units. These fast scouting units were basic M113s fitted with extra weapons and were used for in conjunction with M48 tanks and Huey gunships in scouting and fast attack roles. The Brickmania ACAV Battle Pack includes the following extras:

  • Four Vietnam War era minifigs including M69 flak jackets by MMCB Capes
  • Two camouflaged helmets printed by Citizen Bricks
  • Brick-built M2HB machine gun
  • Two gunmetal colored BrickArms “prototype” M60 machines (still on sprue) with building bullet chains
  • ACAV Battle Packs will be strictly limied to a single run of 40 kits.

This Brickmania model kit is made from genuine, unused LEGO bricks and is shipped disassembled. Also included are full-color printed building instructions and is packaged in a sealed box.

All Brickmania building kits are limited production and may be discontinued at any time.

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