Ten New Waterslide Decal Squad Packs from Roaglaan’s Customs


We are pleased to announce we have Ten brand new Squad Packs in stock from Roaglaan’s Customs. This batch has a special focus on World War I armies, but there are a couple of goodies for your War War II fanatics too. We are still offering a free 4-sheet pack of 2000 grit micro sand paper with the purchase of 5 or more squad packs (it will automatically be added to your order – no need to put it in the shopping cart).

World War I Turkish Infantry
World War I Russian Infantry
World War I German Infantry
World War I French Infantry
World War I British Infantry

World War I Belgian Infantry
World War I Australia Light Horse
World War 1 American Infantry
World War II German Fallschirmjager
World War II German Afrikacorps
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