Customized Brickmania Kits Gallery – April 2013


British Sherman MkII with 75mm gun. 9th Queens Royal Lancers, 2nd Armoured Brigade, 1st Armoured Division. El Alamein, in October 1942. By Ron Blair.

A couple of weeks ago we promised to resume posting pictures of your customized Brickmania kits. Only a few people sent in their photos, but we think we have a enough for a good start. We’d like to revive this tradition and publish additional galleries on a regular basis. Please keep sending your pictures to dan[AT]brickmania[dot]com (obviously replace [AT] and [DOT] with appropriate email punctuation) and we’ll post them once we have enough for additional galleries.  Thanks to Mick Dettman, Ron Blair, Trevin Hernandez and Phillip Uhlir  for sending in photos and Paul Vastano for getting the ball rolling!

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