Some of This Week’s Special Deals on Brickmania Kits


Jeep & M1A1 Combo Bundles are back for a limited time!  Include 1 Brickmania Durabuilder Jeep M1A1 Howitzer and come with either a US Army Ranger or US Marine minifig.

USMC Bundle

See our Special Deals page for full list of mark downs, discount and clearance items (up to 40% off). Here a just a few items on sale this week…

M1 60 mm Mortar Pack

MSRP: $13

Now: $10.5


M2M3 Bradley

MSRP: $325

Now $295


Panzer II

MSRP: $135

Now $120

pz 2

Panzer III

MSRP: $135

Now: $120


SdKfz 124 Wespe

MSRP: $140

Now: $125


M102 Howitzer

MSRP $35

Now $30


M2A1 Howitzer

MSRP $55

Now: $48


M1025 Armament Carrier  – Duabuilder Humvee (Tan)

MSRP: $70

Now: $65


M1025 Armamenrt Carrie – Durabuilder Humvee (Gray)

MSRP $65

Now $60

806 Humvee Blay Cover

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