FREE OFFER: “Proto” BrickArms Flamethrower V.2


For this week’s special offer we have 10 BrickArms “Proto” Flamethrowers up on the web store. These are extremely rare and only a few of these items have even been produced. You can get one FREE with a $200 additional purchase. Just follow these steps

  1. Go to THIS PAGE and put the Flamethrower in your shopping cart.
  2. Put an addtional $200 worth of merchandise in your cart.
  3. Enter the coupon code FLAME while viewing your shipping cart or during checkout.
  4. Wait for your goodies to arrive by mail or UPS.
  5. Enjoy!

Limited one per customer. Coupon can not be combined with other coupons or used with past purchases, blah blah blah.


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2 thoughts on “FREE OFFER: “Proto” BrickArms Flamethrower V.2

    • Unfortunately, we aren’t the ones that actually produce the weapons, helmets, and vests. BrickArms is the company that does that — we simply resell their product line, as an authorized reseller on their behalf.

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