Add On Kits Now Available for Brickmania Track Links Kickstarter Campaign

Many people have been asking if they can obtain additional exclusive Brickmania kits from this campaign. Unfortunately, the default Kickstarter pledge system will only allow you to pledge at one level at a time. In order to allow our supporters to purchase additional rewards, we are offering many to be purchased as “Add Ons” to your pledge.

Add Ons

How to get Add Ons:

1. Add ons are available to anyone who has pledge $33 or more (Sergeant level pledge). If you have not pledged at this level you do not qualify for Add-Ons!

2. Calculate the value of the items you desire from the Add Ons Menu. Be sure to included overseas postage if you live outside the USA.

3. On the main Brickmania Tracks Links™ Kickstarter Page select the “Manage My Pledge” button. The Pledge Amount field should show your current commitment level. Add the cost of your desired Add Ons to the original amount, and this will be your new total pledge level. Your Pledge Amount should equal the original pledge PLUS your Add Ons.

4. When the campaign is over, we will send out a survey to all contributors. When you complete the survey you will let us know all of the add ons you purchased. Please be aware that YOU are responsible for keeping track of your add-on items. Write it down, keep it safe!

As of this writing we are more than 25% on our way towards the project goal. Once our inititial project funding goal is reached, we will unlock additional Add-Ons and Stretch Goals.

Thanks for your support!


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