Brickmania Track Links™ Update: Ldraw Files Now Created


Hello project supporters!

We’re not even a week into this Brickmania Track Links™ Kickstarter campaign and we’re already almost half way to goal!  Well, I have some exciting news, in that I have received completed LDraw files of the new links for use in the reward kits’ instruction manuals.

Ldraw is the virtual building program created by and for the international LEGO community. Chris Dee, one of the long-time gurus of the LDraw community, has authored both single-wide and double-wide versions of the chevron pattern links. I plan to make the LDraw files available for use by the community once the real pieces are put into actual production.

Here are some screen captures of models made for the instructions manuals that will be included as pledge rewards. Images of the models using the double-wide tracks will be posted soon.

Thanks for your continued support and for helping to make this project happen!

– Dan




M106 Mortar Carrier

M24_Chaffee_LdrawM24 Chaffee Tank

P.S. This project has recently been blogged by Brothers Brick and is gaining traction (har! har!) in other LEGO fan forums as well. Let’s roll!

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