Printed Minifigure Prototype Designs for Kickstarter Campaign


Six of the exclusive kits available through the Brickmania Track Links™ Kickstarter project will include custom printed minifigures. We have finalized the designs above for the WW2 US Army Tank Crewman (left) and WW2 German Army Soldier (right). The figures in the picture are mock-ups made using waterslide decal film run through our laser printer. The actual figures will have silver ink on the buckles, zipper, buttons and insignia. The figures will be included in the kits as follows:

  • Kettenrad = 1 x ww2 Germany Army Soldier
  • M4A1 Sherman = 1 x ww2 US Army Tanker Crewman
  • M3 Lee Medium Tank = 2 x ww2 US Army Tanker Crewman
  • M31 ARV= 2 x ww2 US Army Tanker Crewman
  • M7 Priest = 5 x ww2 US Army Tanker Crewman (with BrickArms M1 Steel Pot Helmet)

We are fortunate to be working with a local company that has extensive experienced with pad-printing using FDA compliant medically safe inks and techniques. Pad printing is the same technique used by LEGO for their parts and figures and we will be able to achieve a print resolution four times greater than the laser printer we use to make our decals. We are considering making up extra figures to be available as an optional add-on pledge.

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