Russian Armor Turns the Tide at Kursk – Celebrate with Savings!

70 years ago this week, the Soviet Union rebuffed the German summer offensive on the plains of Kursk during what has become  the greatest tank battle in history. To help celebrate this great victory for the Motherland, we have marked down all Russian armor kits this week only.  These include:

BKM261 T-34/85 Kit Cover

T-34/85 released 5/6


T-34/85: was $345, now $310.50


KV-1: was $315, now $283.50

Su-76 Cover

Su-76: was $165, now $148.50


T-26: was $135, now $121.50


Gaz AA: Was $50, now $45


ZiS-3: was $25, now $22.50

BKM2004b M1927

M1927: was $12, now $10.80


Don’t forget we also have new Russian troops!

And cool Russian Weapons from BrickArms:

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