Coming August 2013: DUKW Amphibious Truck Kit


With the release of the DUKW, Brickmania’s line of WW2 amphibious vehicles will be one step closer to completion. The first batch of DUKWs is expect to be available next week at Brickfair Virginia. This monstrous vehicle is over 33 studs long and 9 studs wide, and weighs over 3/4 of a pound! It can handily hold a Brickmania Durabuilder Jeep in the cargo bay and has room for two minifigures in the cabin. Just like the real thing, Brickmania’s 1/35 scale DUKW was a durable vehicle, capable of moving large amounts of cargo on land and at seas (well, ours may not swim as well as the real thing). Here are some additional views of the DUKW…

This kit has great customization potential, with possible attachment of an A-frame hoist, cargo bay cover and/or machine gun mount. Watch this blog for photos of DUKW in action on our display at Brickfair Virigina next week. If you can’t be there to buy one in person, DUKWs should be available to the rest of the world shortly thereafter.  The DUKW as shown at top (no minifigs) has an MSRP of $165.

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  1. Dan this is a nice kit and interesting, but I was wondering if that was a hatch in front and what is it used for and on the real thing how would they get the cargo on board?

    • The tiles in front are a “surf board” which was extended forward and upwards to keep the bow above the water in heavy surf. Cargo was loaded by ship’s crane while in the water or with a crawler crane or A-frame hoist on land. Small items were simply dropped over the sides.

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