BrickArms M1917A1 Gunmetal Prototype Available for a Limited Time


Prototype BrickArms M1917A1 machine gun with tripod and printed crate.

The Browning M1917A1 was a water-cooled medium machine gun used by US forces during World War II. The water-cooled barrel sleeve meant the gun could sustain long periods of fire without overheating like it’s air cooled counterparts. The M1917A1 was used mainly in defensive positions because their extreme weight made them difficult to transport.

This limited edition weapon is individually injection molded by Will Chapman and comes with a matching custom-printed BrickArms crate. This “prototype” weapon is made using molds made by Will from solid blocks of aluminum stock. These are not the big production molds used for mass production and do not stand up to many impressions before they become unusable. Prototypes weapons are often the “trial” versions of possible future releases, which sometimes vary greatly from the initital runs.

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