New Premium Soldiers and Troop Packs from Brickmania


We are working with some of the best custom accessory makers from around the world to develop new premium quality custom minifigures and troop packs. The first of which include the US Infantry World War II Troop Pack shown above. The troop pack includes four complete LEGO figures with custom cloth jackets from MMCB Capes and accessories from BrickArms.


We also have a Wehrmacht World War II Troop Pack, with four complete German soldiers and equipment.


There is also a US Soldiers: Vietnam War version with custom M67 Flak Jackets and camouflage helmets custom printed by Citizen Brick, plus an awesome array of firepower provided by BrickArms. The Vietnam soldiers can also be purchased separately (although the weapons and ethnicity of your soldier are completely random).


We also have a premium British World War II Soldier available as a single premium custom figure. He also has a custom cloth jacket made by MMCB capes and accessories by BrickArms.


Russian and German Soldiers with printed torso from Citizen Brick have also been restocked

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