Prototype Models for Late September Brickmania Releases

Gaz MM & DShK

Now that event season is winding down, we have a massive backlog of new kit ideas to work our way through. Some of the new kits are already going into production and will start hitting the store near the end of the month. These pictures are a preview of some of the new stuff to come.


The DShK is the Russian equivalent to the Browning M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun. It is shown with the tripod folded for use against ground targets. It has wheels and shield attached and the tripod has a “seat” for the gunner (this configuration would remain in the Soviet inventory long after World War II, although the shield would be discarded).


DShK seen with the tripod set up for anti-aircraft mode. The tan roof truck is a Gaz MM, a more powerful version of the Gaz AA truck. The “canvas” roof was a war-expedient effort to simplify production. The Gaz MM will be replacing the Gaz AA in production this month.


The Gaz AAA was the 6×6 truck used by the Soviet Union in a similar fashion as the CCKW was for the Americans, with variants used to haul troops, cargo, weapon systems, communication centers and just about everything imaginable. This will also be released as a kit in September / October.


The G527 “Ben Hur” Water Trailer has been cleared for release after adding some minor details to the earlier prototype versions previewed on the LST display. This would make a great addition to a CCKW, M3 Halftrack or any Allied vehicle with a trailer hitch.


The Japanese Type 95 “Ha Go” tank was originally released last fall in a fully dark gray scheme as part of a limited edition battle pack. A new camouflaged versions will be available for sale as a stand-along kit sometime within the next few weeks. In spite of the dazzling camouflage, this will probably be the lowest price tank Brickmania has released to date.

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