7.5cm le.IG 18 (Light Infantry Gun) Free with $100 Purchase Through October 16th


The  7.5 cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18  – 7.5 cm le.IG 18 – or 7.5cm Light Infantry Gun was an small infantry support howitzer used extensively by the Wehrmacht infantry throughout World War II. Originally produced in 1927, early designs had wooden wheels and was towed by horses. Later versions received pneumatic tires and were towed by small artillery tractors or wheeled vehicles. The le.IG 18 was small enough that it could be readily manhandled into firing position by its crews and it’s unique shotgun-style breech made loading simple and fast. Over 12,000 le.IG 18s were produced through World War II where it served as a light support gun for the hard-pressed German infantry on all fronts. There were also “Pack” versions of the le.IG 18, which could be broken down into smaller loads, and used by mountain or airborne troops.

The le.IG 18 is currently being offered free kit with any purchase of $100 through October 16th, from Brickmania.com or the Brickmania Toyworks Open House on Saturday, October 12th. There’s no need to put this in the shopping cart or use any special coupon – we’ll automatically add it to your order.

Here are some more images of the le.IG 18. Keep in mind the kit does not include figures…

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    • I should say no, because sending a separate package for one kit will significantly increase my cost. However, since I failed to specify any restrictions, I’m going to say yes, and include World War Brick tickets in the promo.

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