Brickmania Track Links™ Update – “I should have parts to you before Thanksgiving”

Kickstarter Instructions

Brickmania Track Links prototype models “build tested” to the instructions.

Good news!  We’ve been assured by the tool makers that our molds should be up and running by the end of the month. There’s no promise that they will immediately be production-ready, but our tool maker is confident that only minor tweaking —if any—will be necessary.  While this may be overly optimistic, we are working under the assumption that everything is finally going to come together in as early as a few weeks. All of the kit instructions have been build-tested (see above), finalized and a ready for reproduction. Likewise, the US Tanker and German soldier minifigs are going to the pad printers this week. The kits are all assembled and just waiting for tracks and figures. Every day we are a little closer to this project being completed and it’s pretty darned exciting!

Now that your hopes have all been raised, I should temper my enthusiam with a dose of reality. It’s possible there could be problems which won’t be discovered until the first parts are run. This could set us back some additional time, depending on how much tweaking needs to be done and the schedule of the tool makers  Also, we’ve ordered two different parts in three different colors. The injection molding machines can crank out several links at a time, but keep in mind we’re talking hundreds of thousands of links to make, and this could take some time before we have all the links in all the colors.  I can assure you we’ll be shipping out backer pledges as soon as we can, but there’s still a lot of variables that can set things back. Therefore, I would strongly caution against anticipating your pledge reward arriving before the holidays!

As always, thanks for your support and patience.


For more information about this project, see the Brickmania Track Links project on Kickstarter

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