Brickmania Track Links Progress Report: First Test Runs Made!

Brickmania Track Links

We’re happy to report our tool maker has done what others said could not be done! Yesterday morning we received our first test runs of actual Brickmania Track Links and we absolutely love them! The tool maker is going to continue testing and refinement work on the molds over the next couple of weeks. We do not have an exact date on when full scale production will start, but we’re on the home stretch now, and just mere weeks before mass quantities will be in our possession.  The nice thing is our production facility is just a few hours away, so we’ll be able to receive the parts from the factory without any shipping delays. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, check out the photos of some of our vehicles with the new Brickmania Track Links installed…

M3 LeeM3 Stuart
Kettenkrad M106

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