Re-vamped Panzer IV Ausf G Kit & Custom Panzer Commander Minifig


Brickmania is pleased to release a new version of the Panzer IV Ausf G —a total remake of Dan’s Panzer IV Ausf G kit originally released in 2009. The main improvements include a new hull, track geometry and turret, which are all redesigned to give more accurate scale representation. Other minor improvements were made to take advantage of the release of newer elements from LEGO and BrickArms. The Panzer IV was the most produced Axis tank during World War II and this long-gunnned version is ideal for all mid to late war dioramas. Panzer IV

The new Panzer IV has all the playability of the original kit, including a fully rotating turret, posable main gun, and three opening hatches.

Panzer Commander

To coincide with the new Panzer IV kit, Brickmania has produced our own custom-designed Panzer Commander mini figure. One of these figures is included in the kit, but we are also selling them individually for those interested in filling out the ranks of their Panzertruppen.

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