Sneak Preview: Five New Kits Coming Monday, November 25th


This is the first kit in our 2014 Battle of the Bulge theme. A preview batch of 50 kits will be released exclusively at and no others will be available until 2014. Includes a German soldier custom pad-printed by Citizen Brick.


Our second in a pair of US Navy Seabees bulldozer kits, this time based on the Caterpillar D8 tractor with a LeTourneau cable blade. This is a much bigger and beefier tractor to back up the M1 Light Tractor released a short while ago. Includes a custom pad-printed Seabee minifig from Brickmania.

We also have three new holiday ornaments of which only 25 copies of each will be available on the web site:

None of these kit will be available from our resellers in 2013. Be ready with your fingers on the order keys because these are going to sell fast!

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