Brickmania Presents: Our 2013 Ten Top Gift Ideas for $25 or less!


1. Brickmania Holiday Ornaments

Brickmania has a long standing tradition of making holiday ornaments and trains have been a popular theme over the last few years. This year we have three new locomotive ornaments available, plus a couple returning favorites from previous years, and all for $18 or less! If you thought Brickmania is only about tanks and helicopters then think again! Click here to see them all.


2. TrickSack Playmat/Storage Bag

Brickmania is now stocking TrickSack playmats/storage bags. The 36″ TrickSack storage bag is on sale for $24.99 and will hold several gallons of LEGO bricks. Lay it out on the floor for play and just pull the cord for easy clean up. Click here to see all the TrickSack storage solutions.

Brickmania Hoodie

3. Brickmania Building Wearables

Brickmania’s pullover hooded sweatshirt will keep you warm during the cold winter months and is on sale for just $25. If sweating is not your thing, then we have seven awesome T-shirts for just $10 each. Everyone looks better building in Brickmania’s wearables. Try one on for yourself and you’ll agree!  Check ’em out here.


4. Brickmania Gift Certificate

Don’t know if your little general wanted an M16 from an AK47?  M4 Sherman or M4 Carbine? How about you eliminate the guesswork and give a Brickmania Gift Certificate! They can be made out in any amount starting at $1 on up to $1000. Click here to order a gift certificate and you can even send it by email! Order a gift certificate here.


Minifig Customization Book

5. BrickArms Squad in a Box Packs

Brickmania is the exclusive distributor of the BrickArm’s “Squad in a Box” accessory packs. This little box contains enough BrickArms accessories to outfit five complete figures plus a custom printed BrickArms crate. Also included is a free bonus set of Roaglaan’s Customs waterside decals for those who dare to make your own custom figures. They come in the following themes: US Army Infantry (WW2), Russian Infantry (WW2), German Infantry (WW2), British Infantry (WW2) and US Army (Vietnam).

6. Minifigure Customization Book

Did we mention making your own custom minifigs? Where does one start? Well we have the ultimate guide just for that, written by Jared K Burkes, one of the best customizers out there! For just $9.95 you can have all the secrets for making your own professional-looking custom minifigs! We also have tons of Roaglaan’s Customs and Archer Dry Transfers decal packs HERE.


7. BrickArms Reloaded Weapons

Looking for an extra cool BrickArms item? We have a limited supply of over molded and prototype weapons in stock. These are generally hand-made by BrickArms creator Will Chapman and are far more rare than standard production BrickArms. Check out our rapidly dwindling stock here

Vietnam Soldier

8. Custom Minifigs

Don’t feel like making your own figs? Brickmania is starting to stock more custom minifigs than ever before, including several exclusive designs. Some have custom accessories from top producers like BrickArms and MMCB Capes and most are less than $25. Some even have bulk discounts if you order five or more. Check them all out here.


9. Brickmania Custom LEGO Mini Kits

Brickmania currently has a bunch of World War II minikits for under $25. These are all the same scale as the more expensive Brickmania kits and will work with all of our minifigs and accessories. No these aren’t “LEGO Compatible” because they actually are LEGO bricks! Click here to view all of our Minikits.


10. BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack 2014

Zombies!! ZOMBIES! BrickArms has just released their latest 2014 Zombie Defense Pack and it’s been the hit of the season!  Includes everything your minifigs will need to defend themselves during the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Even includes a “puff ink” printed Zombie head for your trophy wall! Click here to see all of the exciting BrickArms packs – all priced under $25!

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