M4A2 Sherman (US Marines 3rd Tank Battalion) Now Available


The M4A2 was a diesel powered variant of the famous M4 Sherman tank, used exclusively by the US Marines during World War II. Armed with a 75mm cannon, the Sherman was the ideal close-up fire support platform, as the Marines dug out entrenched defenders in their island-hoping campaign to towards victory against Japan. The US Marines fitted their Sherman tanks with fording kits for the amphibious landings that each island assault would require (they would usually be partially removed once the tank has reached dry ground). In this case we have fitted the M4A2 with the unique drum-style fording kits used the US Marines’ 3rd Tank Battalion. Also included in the kit is a complete dry-transfer decal set for US Marines 3rd Tank Battalion from Archer Dry Transfers.  Click the image above for more information or to order.

More Images of the M4A2

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One thought on “M4A2 Sherman (US Marines 3rd Tank Battalion) Now Available

  1. Is this kit going to be restocked? I was planning on buying it, but it is now sold-out.

    Also I contacted Brickmania using the contact form a couple of days ago, but I never got a reply back. Did you get the message?


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