Brickmania Track Links™ Now on Sale, Including Ltd. Starter Pack

Brickmania Track Links

Take your LEGO® tank building to a whole new level of realism with Brickmania Track Links! This long-anticipated custom add-on to the LEGO system is now in full production and available in three colors: Black, Steel and Dark Brown. We have both single-wide (one brick wide) and double wide (two bricks wide) and each Track Link contains a classic chevron shaped pattern molded directly into the surface. Brickmania Track Links™ mesh with most LEGO Technic® gears and have a looser, smoother action than the original LEGO chain links.

Starter Pack

We have a limited amount of special Brickmania Track Links™ Starter Packs that contain 200 of each size track plus a USB thumb drives containing building instructions for all seven armored vehicle kits that were exclusively released as part of the Brickmania Track Link Kickstarter campaign. Included are instructions for the following models:

  • Kettenkrad
  • M24 Chaffee Tank (Green)
  • M1A1 Sherman Tank
  • M106 Mortar Carrier
  • M3 Lee Tank
  • M31 Armored Recovery Vehicle
  • M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carrier
There are enough tracks in this starter pack to build any two of the models (one each using single-wide and double-wide). You will have to come up with the rest of the parts from your own collection (a visual parts inventory for each model is included).
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