American Civil War Minifig Accessory Pack

American Civil War Minifig Accessory Pack

The American Civil War was one of the defining moments of American history and the 150th anniversary has brought a resurgence in interest. To help build your Civil War armies, we have assembled this special pack containing 15 BrickArms and LEGO elements appropriate to the Civil War period.

Includes these 15 accessories:

  • 2 x BrickArms Muskets
  • 2 x BrickArms U Clips
  • 2 x BrickArms Bayonets
  • 2 x BrickArms M1851 Revolver
  • 1 x BrickArms Lever Action Rifle
  • 2 x LEGO Sabres
  • 2 x LEGO Kepis
  • 1 x LEGO Backpack
  • 1 x LEGO Ammo Pouch
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