These Awesome Deals from Brickmania Will Expire Sunday Night!

Pak 43 Battle Pack

We’ve bundled the infamous PaK 43/L71 “88″ anti-tank gun with three custom pad-printed dark gray WW2 German Army minifigs for a special limited run battle pack. All items sold separately would cost over $85, but we’re pricing this pack at $75 – even less for Brickmania Elite members!

Civil War Bundle

This special edition bundle featuring the following items:

  • 2 x M1857 Napoleon Cannons
  • 1 x Union soldier with musket and bayonet
  • 1 x Confederate soldier with musket and bayonet
  • 1 Civil War Accessory Pack with BrickArms and LEGO parts to help build your Civil War armies.

You save $10 over buying these item separately. Brickmania Elite Members save an additional $5!

T-26 Bundle

We’re down to the last handful of T-26 Tanks and we’re going to sweeten the deal by throwing in one of our Russian soldier minifigs. Order now and we’ll simply include the extra figure in your package. Brickmania Elite member save an additional $13.50!  We do not have plans to make more T-26 kits this year so this could be your last chance forever!

Pacific Island Assault

We have assembled ten special bundles (just one left as of this writing!) containing a complete LVT-4 kit, plus four Citizen Brick custom pad-printed US Marines plus two BrickArms M2HB and M1919 machine guns. The extra figures and guns would cost $92.50 ordered separately, but we are including them for just $50 more. Brickmania Elite members will save even more. This offer is strictly limed to just ten copies!


Special feature price of $5 this week ($4.50 for Brickmania Elite members) on Blackand Gunmetal MAAWS.

Turn a single soldier into a mobile artillery unit with the BrickArms Multipurpose Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System (MAAWS)! Popular with special ops forces, the BrickArms MAAWS is lightweight and portable enough to be held by a fig but packs a strong enough punch to smash through even the thickest of enemy armor thanks to the specialized artillery ammunition it fires.

Arm a BrickArms Artillery Shell with the warhead that’s best for the job, load it into the BrickArms

MAAWS, and watch your figs’ enemies run for cover!

The BrickArms MAAWS includes:

  • Launch Tube
  • Venturi Exhaust
  • 3 Loadable Shell Casings
  • HEAT Warhead
  • HEDP Warhead
  • KINETIC Warhead
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