Extra US Navy Seabees Logo Tiles Available

Seabees logo

We have just printed up US Navy Seabees logo tiles for use with the new batch of M1 Light Tractor kits. We printed up extras for people interested in retrofitting their earlier version and are available in the web store HERE. 

D8 Dozer

You can also add this tile to the Heavy Tractor kit as shown here.


This Heavy Tractor has been retrofitted with Seabees logo printed tiles and Steel colored double-wide Brickmania Track Links.

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2 thoughts on “Extra US Navy Seabees Logo Tiles Available

  1. Hello, are you selling the Lego with the Seabee printed in the bricks? I am very interested if you are. My husband is a retired Seabee. The Seabee tractor is a must. I’ll wait for your reply, thank you,

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