RESTOCK: WW2 US Airborne & Dark Gray German Soldier Minifigs

US Airborne Soldier

Our US Airborne minifigs are custom pad-printed on the torso and legs, front and back. Doing them like this requires a lot more planning, cost and setup time than just printing the torsos alone. Most of the remaining US Airborne minifigs are slated to go into kits, so this may be your last chance to get this one individually for a long while.

German Soldier

We also have some more Dark Gray German Soldiers – our second most popular custom minfig.

Brickmania Minifigs

There are also a few more complete sets of our 2013 minifies, which includes the rare US Tanker fig with sleeve print. The only other way to get one of these is to buy one of our tanks… which are going fast too!

Japanese Army

Many people have been asking about buying our Imperial  Japanese Army minifigs individually. Unfortunately we didn’t make any extras and whipping up another batch is not as easy as it might sound. Unless we do a reprint, the only way you can get the IJA soldiers are with the Type 1, Type 92, and Type 95 kits.

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