Unexpected Restocks of Rare & Retired Brickmania Kits – Last Chance!

UH-60 Black Hawk

We had a tremendous weekend at Bricks Cascade last weekend in Portland, OR! We didn’t sell out everything in our booth and came home with several boxes of kits left on the West Coast after BrickCon. Therefore we have stocked them all into Brickmania’s web store for an absolute last chance to get many of these retired or otherwise sold out Brickmania kits – including one of the rare original UH-60 Black Hawk kits shown above. The following kits are also available in extremely limited quantities…


KV-1 Heavy Tank (just one left!)

WC 57

WC57 (two left!)

Sturmgeschutz III

StuG III Ausf A (just one left!)

M113 APC

M113 APC (just one left)


M3A2 Halftrack with US Ranger (just one left)

SdKfz 10

SdKfz 10 Utility Halftrack (two left)

SdKfz 10

SdKfz 10 + Pak 40 Battle Pack (just 1 left!)

SdKfz 250

SdKfz 250 “Neu” Version (just 1 left!)

BKM2006 Nebelwerfer Cover

Nebelwerfer 41

Pak 40

Pak 40/L48


ZiS-3 76mm Field Gun

Mortar Pack

M1 81mm Mortar with Printed BrickArms Crate


DShK Model 1938 Machine Gun

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Restocks of Rare & Retired Brickmania Kits – Last Chance!

    • It’s expensive because it’s the best quality LEGO Black Hawk kit in the world. If we cut corners to save money, it would not be the best we could make.

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