POLL: Pick the Brickmania Releases for Spring 2014!

Mystery Brickmania Kit

We’re planning our production schedule for the SPRING months and we’re asking the Brickmania community for input. The problem is we always have more ideas than we have time or the budget to produce. For the next three months we’re basing our production schedule on what YOU want us to release. Since production will need to start right away, we’re going to offer you a selection of models we already have in the prototype stage.  If there’s other stuff you would like to see for later releases, write a message in the comments section and maybe we’ll put that up in the next poll!

The rules of the poll:

The poll is broken into categories based on the estimated retail price of the models. You can vote for as many models in each category as you want. (make sure you check out all of the different sections). We ask you to be realistic about what you might actually buy. We can’t do all the models shown in the next three months, so pick the ones you really want, and leave the second choices for future consideration. Keep in mind the pictures are simply prototype models and may differ somewhat from the final kits. Polls close March 28, 2014 at midnight CST


M10 Tank Destroyer

M10 Wolverine

M3 Grant

M3 Grant Tank

King Tiger

King Tiger (kit would probably be light gray to keep price down)


LCVP “Higgins Boat”



M3A1 Halftrack


M2A1 Halftrack with Towed Gun

Panzer IV/L71

Panzer IV/L71 (Panzerjager IV)


SdKfz 251/9 “Stummel”

SdKfz 251/22

SdKfz 251/22

VALUE PRICE ($100-$149)


Messerschmitt Bf-109


P-51D Mustang


MH-6 Little Bird with Delta Force Operators (Figs will be different than shown)

WC64 KD Ambulance

WC64 KD Ambulance


RSO with Towed Gun

SdKfz 250 Lange

SdKfz 250 Lange with Pak 38

BUDGET PRICE ($26-$99)

M2A1 Howitzer

M2A1 Howitzer


Renault FT Tank




M998 Humvee


M1025 Humvee

MINIKITS ($25 or less)

QF 13 Pounder

QF 13-Pounder / 18 Pounder (WW1) – will NOT include figs!


M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

Pak 38

PaK 38


MK1 Palm Tree

Don’t forget to vote in each category!

Polls close March 28, 2014 at midnight CST!

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53 thoughts on “POLL: Pick the Brickmania Releases for Spring 2014!

  1. I like all of the kits here but what I would dream of you having is a british centurion tank in Israeli camouflage and upgrades thanks

  2. The Köningstiger looks great!

    But sadly the tan-only color makes it look like it’s supposed to be an Afrika Korps version, which really doesn’t do it justice. A 2 or 3-tone camo (tan, dark bley, dark tan/brown) would add a lot to it.

    Having said that, I’ll probably buy one anyway and mod it, or pick the light bley version in order for it to better fit with the rest of the late war Axis forces. Tough call…

    The Jagdpanzer IV and M-10 Wolverine are also instant-buys, depending on their release schedule…

    • Keep in mind the pictures are prototype models in various stages of development. The colors of the final models could be very different from what you see in the photos.

      • Mr.siskind I find it very amusing that you put numbers on what type of palmtree it is.not just a normal palm tree ,but a mk1palmtree

  3. The Messerschmitt is awesome! however, I am on a tight budget, and if it costs more then $115 I probably will not get it. Also, the Palm Tree funny, but it is cool enough to buy.

  4. Concerning the light grey King Tiger instead of a tan version:
    Maybe you could also release a 2 tone camouflaged version in Tan and dark bluish grey to avoid those extremely rare tan pieces. =)

    • Just about ANY tan will cost more and will drive up the price. The King Tiger is still just a first-generation prototype and any final model will be significantly different than what you see in the picture.

  5. Dan here are some ideas make a Hetzer tank destroyer M26 Pershing medium tank M7 medium tank Nashorn tank destroyer and su-85 tank destroyer.But most of all a M26 Pershing medium please I will buy it!

  6. Dan make t21 and t71 light tanks.A lightweight version of the T20 medium tank with the elongated M7 chassis. The vehicle was developed in the first half of 1943. Unlike the T20 tank, the T21 featured reduced armor and lightened armament. The vehicle never entered mass production nor saw service.
    the t71 a Experimental airborne light tank with an oscillating turret. Developed from 1950 through 1953 as a replacement for M41.

  7. first off, Dan, thanks for letting us have a say. we really appreciate it. second, they all look great. had i unlimited funds, i would buy them all.
    since i don’t, these will be the ones i will definitely get:
    Higgins Boat
    QF gun
    57mm AT gun

    as for the rest, i am holding off only because i have earlier models. for example, i really like the m-3 and sdkfz halftracks, and the humvees, but might have to put those on the bottom only because i already have earlier versions of them. i like the german heavy tanks, but would prefer them in a dark tan if possible.

    i hope you can stagger production to allow us to build up our coffers.

    as to a wish list, gee, where to start?

    civil war:
    large mortar. maybe on a railcar
    gunboat of some sort
    caissons and limbers

    british mk i-iv tank
    assorted biplanes/triplanes

    us 155 mm long tom howitzer
    us m-12 sp howitzer
    us m-26 pershing
    us m-6 artillery tractor
    german 88mm at gun with transport wheels
    us m-21/m-16 mortar and AA halftrack variants
    british 25 pd howitzer
    german supply truck of some sort
    german horch staff car
    us dodge wc-51/52 series truck (maybe the wc-55 AT version as well)

    m551 sheridan
    m-48 tank
    ch-47 helicopter
    more huey variants, maybe a cobra

    modern stuff:
    some russian armor and APCs

    hey, i can dream, can’t i?

  8. I would love it if you made a battle of Berlin theme kinda like the barbossa theme because
    I am working on a stopmotion film about the batle of Berlin. Also a flakpanzer would be nice.

  9. go m10 I voted for m10 Dan make a M26 Pershing The Pershing was developed to fight heavy tanks, and was itself initially classified as heavy. After World War II it was re-classified as medium. A few saw combat in the closing phase of World War II.

    • awesome man great to see our heros are still recognized. today thank you for your great uncles service. my grandpa was in korea 🙂

  10. Please keep the P-51D mustang i really want it. I would be really grateful if you guys could keep the P-51D mustang. If you are okay with keeping it, thanks.

  11. As I talked to Dan about at one of the open houses, I REALLY think you guys should at least try to make some Lenco stuff. I’ll put a link below. Militaries and SWAT Teams use them all around the world, and that opens up for many color choices. I suggest both the BEAR and BearCat. Please take a look, at the very least. http://www.lencoarmor.com/

  12. Future Kit Ideas:

    1. Panzer IV (late war with side skirts)
    2. Leichter Zugkraftwagen SdKfz 10/5 Flak 20mm
    3. SdKfz 7 with Flak 36

  13. please please please keep the m1025 humvee as iys the best humvee ive ever seen. even if you keep into the next poll ill be very gratefull 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • lol I don’t think dan is going to make a tank that only existed on blueprints *cough cough E-100 cough*, as for the T28, dan has already said he is not interested that in a T28/T95. I would be interested in a 13 90, but asking for tanks from World of tanks is like asking for for a tank that doesn’t exist.

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