Last Chance for These Rare Brickmania Bundles and Kits

Pacific Insanity

We are down to just one Pacific Insanity Pack!  This pack contains the very last of the US Marines M2A4 Light Tank kits!  Everything you need to stage your very own Pacific island battle, including an exclusive Palm tree kit!


The LVT was a tracked amphibious vehicle crucial to the success of Allied landings in World War II. They were especially valuable in the Pacific campaign due to their ability to drive over dangerous coral reefs that formed natural beach obstacles.  The LVT-4 has a ramp at the hull rear, for rapid unloading of men and material (such as a JEEP or howitzer). It also has mounting points for up to four M2HB or M1919 machine guns.


We have just two copies of the Panzer IV Ausf G kits left. The Panzer IV was the work-horse tank of the German armored force for the entirety of World War II. Due to it’s generous proportions and powerful Maybach engine, the Panzer IV was continually upgraded to keep it competitive with Allied armor improvements. The Ausf G model was the first Panzer IV to be factory equipped with the powerful, long-barrel KwK 40 L/43 75mm cannon. It made it’s debut in the waning days of the North Africa campaign and played a major role in Italian campaign and the Kursk offensive in Russia. From February 1943 onwards, all German armor was factory-delivered in the dunkle gelb (tan) color, but we very rarely offer kits in this color due to the extra cost of tan LEGO bricks. Get this rare kit while you can!


The DShK “Dushka” is the Russian equivalent to the American Browning M2 heavy machine gun. We made a limited run of the DShK in it’s convertible WW2 mounting, which can be set up in either an anti-ground or anti-aircraft configuration. This model is not as easy as it looks to put together – are you up to the challenge to save Mother Russia?

BKM2004b M1927

Talk about a score – we found one copy left of the M1927 Regimental Gun (Early Version) that was hidden away in the back of one of our display cases! Perfect for any Eastern Front dioramas or for anyone wanting to complete their collection.

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