Totally updated M1025 HMMWV “Humvee” Kit plus Bonus Figure Pack Offer


Brickmania is pleased to announce the release of a totally updated and redesigned model of the iconic Humvee. This new version includes a rotating armament turret with a BrickArms M60 machine gun (and can easily be upgraded to a M2HB or other weapon). The interior has also been redesigned so now you can fit four minifigs wearing the new BrickArms Tactical Vests. This kit presents a moderate challenge for the builder with a little prior experience with LEGO® bricks. The inclusion of one minifig ensures a built-in play factor, which can easily be expanded with additional figures and accessories.

To increase the fun, we are offering a special bonus pack that includes three additional figures equipped with BrickArms accessories. A good way to maximize playability for just a little extra money. The bonus pack is available for just a limited time.

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