Brickmania is going to be at Brîckfete, Toronto on July 19-20th


Brickmania will make our fourth appearance at Toronto’s Brîckfete next weekend (public days are July 19th and 20th… starts earlier for exhibitors). Brîckfete is Canada’s first and largest LEGO® fan event and this year promises to be the biggest one ever! We’ll have a booth featuring Brickmania’s custom kits, custom minifies, and of course a large selection of packs and loose BrickArms. Here are some of the Brickmania kits I sent in advance. We have a few left over items from last year being stored for us – all of which is now sold out in our web store.


This selection of custom minifigs was sent up for our booth earlier this week. These are all the minifigs we have for the entire event, so get there early for the best selection!  We do have a vast array of packs and loose BrickArms for those who’d like to make their own.  Keep in mind that Brîckfete is moving to a bigger location this year – and now with free parking!

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  1. will they have cases ful of brickarms weapons, packs and minifigers. But where?
    pls let me know i need them!

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